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The most recent business news round from Digital Health features information of a cooperation to export advanced UK health technology businesses and complimentary mental health care for NHS staff.

Exporting invention

Major wellness technology bodies such as Department of International Trade (Healthcare UK), NHS Digital and Innovate UK have flocked to declare that a worldwide effort to export 100 of the UK’s most advanced and biomedical wellness technology firms into the rest of the planet.

Each of the 100 businesses has an established history of benefiting the lives of both health care professionals and patients in the NHS and private health industry. They comprise innovators that have underpinned the nation’s answer to COVID- 19, along with other people whose ground-breaking technologies may handle the problems confronting health care systems throughout the world.

The businesses comprise Foundry4, the business that delivered the UK’s Covid-19 house testing service in only eight days and DrDoctor, a patient involvement platform supplier that’s used by over 30 NHS trusts and has affirmed at-scale healthcare employees vaccination programmes.

Hassan Chaudhury, electronic health professional at Healthcare UK, who’s leading the effort, stated:”The UK is at the forefront of transforming healthcare services by using digital solutions to prevent, diagnose, manage and treat illnesses more effectively, as well as putting solutions in the hands of patients.

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“The First 100 Playbook articulates the exportable strengths which the UK has in wellbeing technology and showcases those who stand out to be tried and tested and above all, creating a difference across among the very complex health programs in the Earth, during its hardest moment.

“They’ve supported health and care professionals and patients in dealing with everyday issues and can undoubtably benefit other countries looking to solve problems to everyday health and care challenges.”

Livi partners with BMI Healthcare

Millions of individuals across the UK will now be able to get personal healthcare more quickly via a new partnership involving electronic healthcare supplier Livi, and personal healthcare supplier BMI Healthcare.

Patients will then have the ability to consult with some GMC-certified Livi GP to organize a quick referral to see a professional adviser. The partnership provides increased accessibility to UK patients since they leverage Livi’s electronic platform to get GPs in Livi and BMI Healthcare’s specialist adviser network.

Simon Lucas, partnerships manager at Livi, stated:”Livi’s focus is to provide greater access to healthcare to improve health, wellbeing, and quality of life for everyone across the UK.

“Our partnership with BMI will exploit Livi technology and via access to our selection of electronic tools, patients will have the ability to gain referrals to experts. We’re very happy to associate with BMI to help provide alternatives for individuals to get health care services and help alleviate strain on the NHS.”

Paul Manning, chief medical officer at BMI hospitals, added:”When patients have a health complaint, they would like to get viewed fast and they want the procedure to be suitable. Our partnership with Livi can help us deliver on this, by minimising the requirement to see a GP clinic to find a referral, even while at precisely the exact same time encouraging our NHS through this catastrophe by simply freeing up valuable funds for people who have to get seen in-house.”

Free mental health and wellbeing app for NHS workers

Health Assured is offering all NHS staff free access to their innovative mental wellbeing app, My Healthy Advantage, to support them as they deal with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Health Assured currently supports more than 50 NHS trusts. The My Healthy Advantage app offers individuals an opportunity to access free, personalised health information and data to make informed decisions about their health and wellbeing.

The app provides industry-leading features across four key categories — user wellbeing, user engagement, wellness and reward and recognition.

Each feature has been carefully built with the user’s wellbeing in mind and designed to improve the user’s mental health, financial wellbeing, social wellbeing and physical health, using personal metrics to set bespoke goals and achievements.

Users will be able to identify and target their health and wellbeing priorities, such as quitting smoking, managing anxiety and stress, or simply being more active.

David Price, chief executive of Health Assured, said:”During this uncertain and stressful period, NHS employees are facing huge challenges while also managing their psychological health, keeping a work-life equilibrium in addition to household and health issues.

“My Healthy Advantage, provides support and resources to help manage these issues and ensures the right support is all available in one place. We aim to enable each individual to take control of their health and wellbeing on their terms.

“We wish to do everything we can to encourage our NHS heroes through these hard timeswe expect access to our cutting-edge program will offer some vital assistance.”

The app is available via Android or IOS.

University of Edinburgh selects 15 starts ups for accelerator programme

The University of Edinburgh has selected 15 start-ups to join the Post-Covid AI Accelerator.

The accelerator is being delivered by the Innovation Group at the Bayes Centre, in conjunction with Edinburgh Innovations, the University of Edinburgh’s commercialisation service, and in partnership with Scale Space, the UK’s new community for scaling businesses.

The cohort has been selected from 86 applicants worldwide and follows three previous Bayes accelerators cohorts, which saw 29 companies raise significant investment.

Each of the successful applicants is addressing a global challenge, many responding to urgent needs in the health and climate change domains. They include:

  • BioLiberty — has designed an AI-powered robotic glove that strengthens the user’s grip. Grip strength declines as we age and BioLiberty’s glove has the potential to restore independence for millions of people in the UK and globally
  • Neeuro — provides personalised home-based digital therapeutics programmes utilising Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) technology that incorporates machine learning to help ADHD children improve their attention span.

MED e-care and Cegedim Healthcare partner up

MED e‐care and Cegedim Healthcare Solutions have partnered to integrate Cegedim’s Pharmacy Manager with MED e‐care’s electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR).

The partnership is part of Cegedim’s improvement initiative, ensuring their pharmacy customers can work smarter, whilst providing an enhanced service to the care homes they support.

It will ensure seamless medication dispensing between pharmacies and care homes. From dispensing monthly medications to daily interim orders, all communication from the pharmacy is sent directly to the eMAR system to ensure safe, secure and auditable transmission of information, negating the need for rekeying, saving time and ensuring medication accuracy.

Chris Pearson, head of care partnerships at MED e‐care, said:”MED e‐care provides a modular package of cutting edge options for example eMAR and maintenance programs that encourage care homes to provide, document and analyse care at each phase of their resident maintenance life‐cycle, whilst meeting regulatory demands and driving quality enhancements.

“Particularly in today’s environment, with the health and safety of care home residents in the spotlight, it is imperative that our solutions combine to create a seamless, flexible, electronic health record that reflects the needs of residents, nurses and carers; this can be supported through the integration with Cegedim’s Pharmacy Manager.”

IgniteData secures Innovate UK financing

Healthtech startup IgniteData has secured new financing to finish a #500,000 project, included in Innovate UK’s Smart Grants programme.

The financing will be invested to further developing the AI capacities of Archer, IgniteData’s digital-health SaaS system that lowers the need for manual data entry in clinical trials.

Dan Hydes, co-founder and chief executive of IgniteData, stated:”This next round of Innovate UK funding is a huge endorsement of everything we are achieving with Archer.

“For us, it has always been about the way we speed up a significant step-change at the rate, affordability and efficiency of clinical research.

“This grant means we can continue to transform the interoperability of EHR and EDC systems, specifically now by beginning to unlock the value that lies within the larger realm of unstructured data — where the greatest challenge lies.”

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