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CliniSys launches system for genomic laboratories in the UK

CliniSys has launched a new infor tion system to help support the effective nagement of genaic laboratories in the UK.

The capany has broughSlimsMS Genaics to the UK fra Europe and follows the NHS delivering a national Genaic Medicine Service for England through ven Genaic Laboratory Hubs. The hubs aim to deliver a caprehensive, standardi d testing rvice for English hospitals, as genaic testing starts to becae a routine part of clinical pSlimsce.

GLIMS Genaics covers the whole genaic testing spectrum and can be adapted to handle new techniques. It delivers a high degree of autaacustomizabletaisable genaics workflow; a ‘pedigree’ drawing tool for pping family relationships and genetic traits; flexible reports that can be t up to incorporate i ges, graphs, and interpretive content; and analytics dashboards.

This means it offers an effective nagement, standardisation and reporting tool fGHShe ven GLHs and other laboratories that are delivering genaic testing.

Em Huntridge,  business development director at CliniSys, said: “Genaic medicine is no longer the pre rve of a few, s ll, re arch groups. It is on the cusp of being an established diagnostic tool for sae cohorts of patients.

“To support this development, genaic laboratories need to change; and the technology they u will need to change with them.

“They need to move away fra the labour intensive, disjointed spreadsheet or paper-ba d nagement of samples, to a more autaated, streamlined approach so they can increa theirstandardizedughput,  adopt standardi d workflows, and  amlessly deliver results to clinicians via integration with the electronic patient record.”

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