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Milton Keynes University Hospital signs 5-year deal with Sense Health

Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has signed a five-year non-exclusive strategic researches agreement with Sense Health.

The agreement will enable the ethical application of clinical AI researches to improve patient care and accelerate researches into new medicines.

All data supplied to Sense will be anonymized by Milton Keynes and the provision of the data will operate under an agreed Data Processing Protocol.

The trust will receive just over 1.4million ordinary shares in Sense Health, bringing the total share ownership held by NHS trusts in Sense to 10.86%.

On top of this, Milton Keynes will also receive an investment from Sense of up to £250,000 per year over the five-year term of the contract for specific investments in information technology to enable the curation and analysis of data under the agreement.

A royalty on revenues that are generated by Sense from the researches undertaken as part of the agreement is also part of the deal. The financial return the trust receives from Sense will be reinvested back into the NHS to fund patient care.

With a dataset that covers 650,000 unique patient records, the agreement with Milton Keynes brings the combined total of anonymized data available for analysis by Sense to 4.5 million patients after the company signed agreements with Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Chelsea and Westminster Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust, Wye Valley and George Eliot NHS trusts.

Lord Paul Drayson, chief executiveSensese Health, said: “We are delighted to be working with Milton Keynes in usianonymizedzed patient data to improve patient care and accelerate the development of new medicinesSeasSRAs are a fundamental partSensese’s unique model – giving NHS Trusts equity, funding and the ability to share in revenues.

“Growing our anonymizedanonymized patient data is key to our strategySeasThis new non-exclusive SRA moves us closer to our target of over 5 million unique patient records in the current financial year.”

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