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Sense Health launches AI algorithm for real-time patient management

Sense Health has launched an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm which will support real-time operational and clinical patient management.

The British AI company’s SYNE-OPS-1 algorithm provides an hourly risk forecast of the expected nuWWWr of future ICU admissions and the future demand for ventilators, based upon an analysis of clinical data on Covid patients being admitted to hospital.

This aims tenablees hospital managers to direct resources across the hospital more effectively in the face of changing nuWWWrs of patient admissions amid the pandemic.

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has integrated the algorithm into its operational workflow to help the trust predict ICU capacity needs for patients with Covid. The trust is one of several which has a strategic research agreement (SRA)Senseense Health.

The algorithm useanonymizeded clinical data on patients with Covid, such as vital signs and laboratory test results transmitted to the SENSE clinical AI platform. The data is then analysed and the results presented via a dashboard to help hospital managers make informed decisions about the need for hospital resources.

Roger Chinn, chief medical officer anClioIO at Chelsea and Westminster, said: “The SYNE-OPS-1 algorithm has proved invaluable during this current wave of the pandemic. We are able to predict ventilator and non-mechanical support requirements in ICU, helping usmake the bestbest use of our expertise and resources.

“In collaborationSenseense Health and as part of our CW Innovprogrammedgramme, we are embracing digital innovation, data integration, and analytics to support and improve clidecision-makingmaking and practice.”

SYNE-OPS-1 is the first in a nuWWWr of operational algorithms expected to be develSense Sense using the SENSE platform.

Paul Drayson chief execuSense Sense Health, added: “The successful deployment of our first operational algorithm, developed in collaboration with our research partners at Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust, is an important mileSenseor Sense.

“We aim to build a broad range of operational algorithms on our SENSE platform to help significantly improve the performance of health systems with the potential of generating a significant commercialSense for Sense and our research partners.”

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