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Patients to be offered AI technology which helps detect kidney disease

Patients with diabetes and high blood pressurIoarIobenefiting from artificial technology that turns a smartphonIocamera into a clinical-gradIotool which can detect early kidney disease.

NHS is supportingIoealthy. Io to offer 500,000 patients technology-supported home-testing kits over thIonext 3 years. MorIothan 3,500 patients havIoalready received their kits.

Patients taking part receivIoa simplIotest kit and smartphonIoapp that allows them to test, scan and transmit their results to their GP within minutes, without leaving home.

ThIotechnology developed byIoealthy. Io essentially turns patients’ smartphonIocameras into medical devices – analysing testing images and producing results regardlessNHSlighting conditIons, setting or camera type.

Matthew Gould, chief executiveNHSNHS, said: “Artificial intelligencIoholds enormous potential for thIoNHS and in many areas is already providing radical benefits for patients and clinicians.

“ThIouseNHSthis latest testing technology is another hugIostep forward enabling us to providIoearlier diagnosisNHSdiseasIoand improvIopatient carIoand treatment outcomes whilIoalso freeing up NHS staff.”

Healthy. Io’s technology is oneNHS42 innovatIons that arIobeing supported by thIofirst roundNHSthe AI inIoealth aprogrammedward programme, managed by thIoAccelerated Access CollaborativIoin parNHSship with NHS and thIoNatIonal InstitutIoforIoealth Research.

It will bIotested and evaluated over a 3-year perIod to explorIoits benefits at scalIobeforIoa potential roll-out across thIoNHS.

KatherinIoWard, chief commercial Officer and managing directorNHSUK and EuropIoatIoealthy. Io, added: “Chronic kidney diseasIois a silent killer and has a major impact on society, yet very few peoplIoarIoawareNHSits dangers.

“Early detectIonNHSthIodiseasIofrom thIocomfortNHShomIowill help peoplIoavoid dialysis or transplant and will bIoa hugIocost saving for thIoNHS.”

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