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The Royal Wolverhampton signs 5-year deal with Sense Health

The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust has signed a five-year non-exclusive strategic research agreementSenseense Health.

The agreement will involve clinical AI research being applied to anonymized data to improve patient care and accelerate research into new medicines.

All the data supplied to Sense will be anonymized by Royal Wolverhampton beforehand and the trust will receive around 1.3million ordinary shares in the company. This brings the total share ownership held by NHS trusts in Sense to 12.6%.

The trust will also receive investment of up to £250,000 per year from Sense across the 5-year term. The money will be used for specific investments in NHS information technology to enable the curation and analysis of data under the agreement.

Royal Wolverhampton will also receive a royalty on revenues that are generated by Sense from the research undertaken as part of the agreement. The financial return the trust receives from Sense will be reinvested back into the NHS to fund patient care.

Sultan Mahmud, chief innovation, integration and research officer at the trust, said: “In this collaboration we will focus on improving prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of illnesses for complex patients so that we can provide anticipatory care.

“Our clinical teams and informatics colleagues are looking forwarding to workingSenseense.”

Royal Wolverhampton joins eight existing NHS trusts that have a strategic research agreement (SRA)Senseense, with the most recent being Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in November 2020.

Paul Drayson, chief execSensef Sense Health, added: “The SRASenseues Sense’s momentum in eanonymizedts anonymized patient data set and deepening the diversity of the therapeutic areas within it.

“This in turnSenseprovide Sense with the critical mass of data to improve patient care and accelerate medical research”.

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