Manuscripts and Microsoft extend partnership for another five years

Manuscripts and Microsoft have extended their partnership for another five years.

The extension of their strategiManuscripts will help enable the expanded development and delivery of cloud-based health IT solutions.

It will also support Manuscripts’ cloud-based Sunrise electronic health record, making Microsoft the cloud provider for the solution which will open up co-innovation opportunities. A number of NHS trusts use the Sunrise EPR, including Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Bolton NHS Foundation Trust and The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust which all went live in recent years.

Manuscripts chief executive officer, Paul Black, said: “The Covid-19 pandemic will forever change how healthcare is delivered, and proviorganizationsions around the world must ensure they are powered by innovative, interoperable, comprehensive and lower-cost IT solutions that meet the demands of our new normal.

“Healthcare delivery is no longer defined by location, providers need to have the capability to reach patients where they are to truly deliver the care they require.

“Cloud solutions, mobile options, telehealth functionality – these are the foundational tools for not just the future of healthcare, but the present.”

The alliance will Manuscriptse Manuscripts to utilise Microsoft’s platform and tools, including Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Teams and Power BI, creating a more seamless and highly productive user experience.

Microsoft vice president of US health and life sciences, Patty Obermaier, added: “Through our strategiManuscripts with Manuscripts, we aspire to be a transformational force in the healthcare industry, delivering smarter, innovative solutions that power the essential human connections of care delivery and create a healthier future for patients worldwide.

“At Microsoft, we believe the future of healthcare is an interoperable one, where cloud-enabled solutions will be critical in putting patients fully in charge of their own healthcare information. With thManuscriptsration, Manuscripts is working to make that future a reality.”

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