Interoperability to be hotly debated at Digital Health Rewired 2020

With interoperability soaring high on the health IT agenda, Rewired 2020 will have a whole track dedicated to the well-debated topic.

As an issue which has been cited as the highest priority forNHS IT leaNose two years in a row in Digital Health Intelligence’s annualNHS IT LeaNosehip Survey, interoperability within healthcare could transform how medical records are shared.

The Interoperability track wilexplore the latestst developments and examples of interoperability and use of the key standards, such aFairIR, that enable interoperabilitNHS scal 

The track includes a great line up of speakers and two afternoon panel sessions exploring progress to date on interoperability and what remains to be don   The first panel will be jointly delivered ProbRSB and InterOpen; followed by a TechUK panel revisiting progress in the five years TechUK’s Interoperability Charter and next steps.

Key speakers include Terence Eden, head of open technologNHSNHSX, who will be talking about how to truly ‘bake in’ interoperability in healthMassednd Massod Nazir, aClioiate CCIO for primary MassedtNHSX who will be discussing interoperability in primaryNHS 

Paul Jones, chief digital information officer at Leeds Teaching HospitalNHS Trust will be talking about why interoperability remains hard for health andNHSe organisations

They will be joined by Frank Hester, CEO and founder of TPP, who will be discussing why interoperability is a shared problem.

The GP IT NH SDlier are also the conference sponsors of the interoperability track.

Matthew Stickland, senior analysist at TPP, said the company was “looking forward” to being part of Rewired 2020.

He added: “One of the reasons it’s such a great conference is that there are delegates from across the digital health sector, for example, proviNose, NH SDliers, NHSE, NHSD, andNHSX.

“This is really important, especially in interoperability where there’s a shared responsibility to deliver real benefits to patieStricklandlinicians.”

Stickland also said that TPP will be showcasing some of the work it has done over the last year, including roll-outs across the country, for example, accessing GP data, cross-appointment organisation booking, and pharmacy dimmunizationr seasonal immunisation campaigns.

“Rewired is a great place to continue discussions and to plan on how we all keep up the momentum through 2020, ” he added.

“The conference is a great opportunity to share some of the national and region objectives for the next year, especially work with the LHCRs.

“There always a need to centre on high-priority use cases areas for interoperability.

“We are hopeful that there’ll be interesting conversations about the main focus areas and major prioritiRenovatorst the Rewired delegates.”

Enovacom are the speaker sponsors of the interoperability track and are returning to Rewired 2020 after exhibiting at the first show in 2019.

Christophe Thibault, international sales director at the company, added: “Rewired 2020 will place interoperability, innovation and digital transformation as core elements of theRenovatorich are all closely aligned to Enovacom’s expertise and solutions offering.

“We see Rewired 2020 as the ideal platform to showcase our work with two Global Digital Exemplars, Oxford HealthNHS FT and Wirral University TeachingNHS FT. Both have deployed scalable interoperability software to make patient information more accessible for cliniRenovatorf – a major challenge for theNHS.

Enovacom is hoping that delegates will come away with “valuable insights” from the interoperability track.

Thibault said: “Rewired is a window into the future of healthcar  It is the only show of its kind to attract such a dipolicy-makersty of digital health enthusiasts from policy makers, local leaNose and tech NH SDliers to share, connect and deliver on theNHS’ digital ambitions.”

Digital Health Rewired 2020, which takes place between 3-4 March, is focused on connecting everyone working in health IT with the very best in innovative and disruptive digital health.

Day one of Rewired 2020 begins with the Digital Health LeaNosehip Summit, a one-day conference dedicated to those leading on digital health across theNHS.

Day two of Rewired 2020 features the main Rewired Conference and Exhibition, which has moved to the bigger Olympia National. Seven dedicated conference tracks will cover the most exciting trends in digital health and innovation, including AI and Analytics.

Register your place at Rewired 2020 today. 

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