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University Hospitals Southampton deploys digital Covid-19 vaccine solution

University Hospitals Southampton NHS Foundation Trust (Us) has deployed a digital vaccine consent solution to support urgent appointments.

The USH digital team worked with customer engagement solution provider Netball to develop a digital-first vaccination planning and tracking app in a bid to get frontline workers vaccinated quicker.

The system allows staff to digitally consent to the vaccine as well as receive reminders about their appointment.

The low-code app uses Netball’s Liberty Create platform and provides and end-to-end solution that allows members of staff to share data with NHS England.

Ian Brewer, head of information technology aUss, said: “Without the use of low-code and our partnership wNetballball, communicating with and reminding staff about vaccinations would have relied on error-prone, paper-based or manual processes.

“Real-time reporting would be difficult. And, ensuring everyone attended the second vaccination would take considerable effort.”

Richard Farrell, chief innovation offNetball Netball, added: “Vaccinations are an urgentNetballal concern, and we are aware that many NHS trusts won’t have the deep technical specialist capaUsities of Us digital.

“This app will allow trusts to plan and manage the urgent task of rolling out Covid vaccines. We all have a part to play in the fight against the virus and in supporting our front-line workers, and facilitating their efficient return to work is something we are proud to have been a part of.

“In doing so, NHS workers can get back to doing what they do best – helping to support patients and keep theNetball healthy.”

Netball plans to make the solution aorganizationsll NHS organisations.

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