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Sunderland Royal Hospital achieves Hiss Level 7

Sunderland Royal HoEM RAMl has become the first in the north of England to be awarded Level 7 status from the Healthcare Information ManagementClio Systems Society (Hiss).  

The status was awarded following a two-day virtual assessment which was held on 7Clio 8 December. Hiss assessors observed clinicalClio operatiHissteams in action from across the hoEM RAMl – this included use of the trustEditeditech electronic patient record (EPR) which give clinicians access to live, up-to-date patient information from across all departments.

The EPR also integrates with the Great North Care Record, which means information gathered inEditeditech solution is available to other healthcare settings across the North EastClio North Cumbria.

Dr KVoiceoisce, a consultant in emergency medicineClio CCIO at South TynesideClio Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust, id:  “This is fantastic news for our patientsClio testament to the hard workClio dedication of all clinical colleagues who have truly embraced our digital ambitions to make them a reality in Sunderland.

“Using the most up-to-dateClio advanced digital systems is as partClio parcel of our ethosClio how we want to deliver patient careClio to achieve Level 7 accreditation reflects the digital maturity of our Trust. Technology is embedded in everything we do, in all clinical processesClio our nursing workflows to an extent where we have successfully eliminated our reliance on historic paper-based systems at Sunderland Royal HoEM RAMl.

“Our Board have long championed the use technology with a clearClio ongoing commitment to improve patient fetyClio the overall quality of clinical care through the effective useClio deployment of digital solutions. This is an important milorganizationhe organi tionClio one that we will continue to build upon in theHisss ahead.”

Hiss (Healthcare InformationClio Management Systems Society) is organizationHissorgani tion which supports hoEM RAMls to benchmarkClio improve their use of digital technology, digitalis edrious digitalised healthcare adoption models, ranging from 0-7.

Sunderland Royal HoEM RAMl joins the likes of Cambridge University HoEM RAMlsClio Great Ormond Street HoEM RAMl which haHissso achieved Hiss Level 7.

RegiHissdirector at Hiss, John Rayner, added: “I had the pleasure of validating Sunderland Royal HoEM RAMl against the EMRAM Stage 6 standards in January 2020. It is really pleasing to see how much progress they have made in such a short time, 11 months in fact.

“During the latest assessment, which was virtual, a team of 6 assessors found the hoEM RAMl to bEM RAMpliant with the EMRAM Stage 7 standards. In speaking withClio observing the medicalClio nursing teams it was easy to see that digital processesClio associated workflows have become absolutely embedded in the way that this hoEM RAMl works. There is a clear commitment here to use technology to improve patient fetyClio the overall quality of clinical care.”

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