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Eight Metabolic Conditioning Exercises for MMA Fighters

Power + Cardio = Dominance

For those who’re studying this proper now,  you’re somebody who desires to take their coaching to the following stage and discover essentially the most environment friendly methods to succeed in your optimum health objectives.

As an MMA conditioning coach I perceive that fight fighters are some of the perfect conditioned athletes on this planet. The depth of fights are continuous and one mistake can result in defeat.

As vital as ability coaching is, should you don’ t have the power and conditioning to make the most of your expertise, then you’re ineffective.

Growing peak total bodily situation is the final word objective whereas coaching for energy, explosiveness, power, velocity, agility and muscular endurance.

That is the place metabolic conditioning exercises step as much as the plate and ship.

You don’t have to be an MMA athlete to realize the advantages from these exercises. The sort of coaching has turn out to be widespread with health lovers who wish to enhance their VO2 max, power, energy, and agility whereas burning fats and constructing lean muscle.


Train Sort

41 minutes
1-3x per week
power coaching
excessive depth
as many as attainable in 60 seconds
15 seconds


What Are Metabolic Conditioning (MetCon) Exercises?

Metabolic conditioning exercises use workouts that burn a lot of energy throughout your exercise and maintain the physique burning energy after your exercise ends. They often contain all the physique, brief durations of relaxation and are designed to push the bounds of your physique to construct power and endurance whereas getting toned. The exercises beneath are a number of the hardest and most difficult train plans on the planet, which suggests you, will enhance your total conditioning quick.

My metcon exercises are a combination of burpee variations with power, plyometric, core and abs actions. Every circuit consists of 10 workouts; 5 are burpee variations and the opposite 5 are power workouts.

Every metabolic conditioning exercise is full physique and can goal the next actions:

● Kettlebell or Compound Power Motion
● Abs or Core
● Lunge or Squat
● Push or Pull
● Press

The burpee variations will even consist of those motion as effectively, making metabolic conditioning the final word exercise.

The metabolic circuits encompass energy coaching, plyometrics, power and conditioning, cardio, muscular endurance and core growth.

These metabolic circuits will make it easier to enhance your total health – utilizing your Body weight, Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Barbells, Drugs Balls, Stability Balls, Resistance Bands, Sandbags and different health gear to jack up your metabolism, burn physique fats and enhance your total work capability.

The bi-product is often a powerful, lean and ripped physique.

Lastly metabolic circuits will check you mentally and push you to your bodily limits. Be ready for battle and DO NOT QUIT!

Metabolic Conditioning Exercise Directions

Carry out as many reps as attainable of every train for 60 seconds adopted by a 15 seconds relaxation one after the opposite with no relaxation in between.

● Relaxation for two minutes and repeat for Three Full Rounds.
● Exercise Time = 41 minutes.

Heat up earlier than and stretch after this exercise.

1. MMA Metabolic Conditioning Exercise

Train Record

1. Facet-to-Facet Kettlebell Swings
2. Alternating Single Leg Burpees
3. Alternating Abs Bicycle Kicks
4. Plyo Push Up Burpees
5. Zercher Ahead Lunges
6. Dumbbell Burpees
7. Barbell Excessive Pulls
8. Pace Climber Burpees
9. Dumbbell Punches
10. Burpees

2. MetCon Workout routines for Power and Conditioning

Train Record

1. Heavy Kettlebell Excessive Pull Swings
2. Burpee Sprawls
3. Rotational Mountain Climbers
4. Facet-to-Facet Slalom Burpees
5. Dumbbell Facet to Facet Lunges
6. Double Burpees (2 Push Ups and a couple of Prisoner Leap Squats)
7.  Stability Ball Roll Ups
8. Grasshopper Burpees
9. Floor and Pound – Alternating Dumbbell Rows
10. Burpee Pace Thrusters

3. Metabolic Conditioning Workout routines – Metabolic Monster

Train Record

1. Dumbbell Deadlift Curls
2. Slalom Burpees
3. Abs V-Ups
4. Double Knee Faucet Burpees
5. Dumbbell Step Ups
6. Double Push Up Burpees
7. Hand to Hand KB Depth Rows
8. Quad Thrust Burpees
9. Alternating Facet to Facet Lateral Raises
10. Alternating Kick Via Toe Contact Burpees

4. MetCon Exercise for BJJ and Grapplers – Undergo Nothing

Train Record

1. DB Clear And Press
2. Burpee Kick Thrus
3. Alternating Knee Hip Thrusts
4. Rotating Burpees
5. Goblet Lunge
6. Bunny Hop Sprawls
7. Inverted Rows
8. Rolling Burpees
9. SandBag Shouldering Facet To Facet Cleans
10. Burpee Thrusters Pace

5. Muay Thai/Kickboxing Metabolic Conditioning Exercise

Train Record

1. Alternating DB Swings
2. Mountain Climber Burpees
3. Stability Ball Knee Strikes
4. Med Ball Thai Energy Thrust Burpees
5. Alternating Leap Knees
6. Burpee Swap Kicks
7.  Pace Push Ups
8. Tuck Leap Burpees
9. Shoulder 15’s
10. Alternating Burpees Knees

6. MetCon Exercise for Fighters – Sucker Punch

Train Record

1. Heavy Kettlebell Swings 36 KG.
2. Common Burpees
3. Abs V-Ups
4. Alternating Knee to Chest Push Up Burpees
5. Dumbbell Thrusters – 30 lbs.
6. Alternating One Leg Kick Again Burpees
7. DB Renegade Row – 30 lbs.
8. Plyo Lunge Burpees (Leap Lunge Burpees)
9. Kickouts
10. Tuck Leap Burpees

7. Body weight Metabolic Conditioning Exercise

Train Record

1. Pull Ups/Chin Ups
2. Overhead Clap Burpees
3. Facet-to-Facet strolling Plank
4. Dash Burpees
5. Alternating Reverse-forward body weight lunge
6. Alternating Facet soar burpees
7. Dive Bombers
8. 8-Rely Burpees/Leg Break up Burpees
9. Plyo Push Ups
10. Double Leap Squat Burpees

8. Gauntlet MetCon Exercise

Train Record

1. DB Deadlift and Curl
2. Pull Up Burpees
3. Bench/Ground In and Outs
4. Everest Climber Burpees
5. Alternating Barbell Lunges
6. Double Burpee Thrusters with Leap
7. Alternating DB Chest Press
8. Burpee Plank Raises (Bridges)
9. DB Entrance Elevate
10. 6 Rely Burpees – (Burpee – Push Up – Leap)

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